Double Transparency with Ritual Vitamins

Photography by  Kristen M. Bryant  / Styling by Skylar McGhee

Photography by Kristen M. Bryant / Styling by Skylar McGhee

To start - I have always been a vitamin enthusiast. I've taken vitamins since I was in elementary school. From the Flinstone vitamins, Gummy Vitamins - Vitamin C, Zinc or Elderberry when I was sick - Melatonin because I struggled with getting enough sleep - vitamins to help me focus on school - vitamins to boost my mood when I was experiencing a slump, and vitamins finally, because I'm a woman and a vegetarian and look forward to getting all of the nutrients that I need regardless of what I'm choosing to eat. 

Photography by  Kristen M. Bryant

Photography by Kristen M. Bryant

My search for Vitamins has always been ongoing until now. Ritual Vitamins taunted me with their alluring advertisements on Instagram. I was spending a lot of time on my phone for a Social Media position that I had in 2017. When scrolling through Instagram I was targeted, clearly, for vitamins. Ritual has a literal transparent aesthetic to go with their message of transparent ingredients and sourcing. The aesthetic was easy for me to question. I don't base any of my consumer choices on aesthetic unless I'm literally picking out things that are created for aesthetic based function. 

One day they had taunted me enough and I thought what's $30 on vitamins anyways? A dollar a day for two vitamins that would help me fill in the blanks in my diet. Their message is transparency, I'm for that. I don't care that they look and taste good, but that's a plus! The minty flavor with a glass of water in the morning is something I've definitely come to enjoy. They are also marketing to women specifically and well, I'm a woman aware of her nutrient needs. Though vitamins are for long-term health I was in a particular vitamin needy state as it was. Within three weeks I had a significant change in energy. Within a month, two cups of coffee in the morning were about a cup and a half more than I needed to wake up. Within two months I could drink a glass of water and put coffee off until my midday slump, but even then it was because I was pulling double shifts (that work and no play life). I feel much better overall and have yet to cancel my monthly subscription. I've paused it a time now because I'm not perfect at taking vitamins every day. I only managed to not skip any days in the first 30 days, but that seemed to be their goal for me and I achieved it. I've been taking these vitamins for roughly five months now and I'm 100% on board with them. One of the effects that I didn't expect is that one of their ingredients is apparently helping me with sleep! My dark circles are less of a battle to cover these days and sleep is a cure for most things in general. My slump in energy and mental focus that come with my period are not as detrimental either. I'm feeling a win with the choice to give these vitamins a chance.

You can find more about their transparency and ingredient use here: